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So very Armenian -Khachkar, Lavash, Zhingalov

There are quite a few things that I found either unique to Armenian or omnipresent in this country: the gas-pipelines crisscrossing the country , the  candle trays in churches, Lavash and Zhingalov, the famous flat bread, or Khachkars, stone crosses. And lets not forget the current hairstyle for young men.


Zhngalov Khat, flat bread filled with 7-27 herbs

Lavash and  Zhingalov Khat

Lavash, a kind of flatbread, is the staple food in Armenia, it is found everywhere. There is even a sweet version. Unique to Nagorno Karabagh is a  refined  version,  Zhingalov Khat. It is Lavash filled with many different herbs. In Goris I was lucky enough to come across a group of ladies who were making lavash in a tiny bakery, they three were working like machines. One was rolling the dough out flat and thin , the next step and done by a second woman  was spreading the think spread of dough on a cushioned board and then slamming sticking against the walls of an oven set in the ground. The third was getting the Lavash out with a long iron hook.

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Chasing the Northern Lights


Nordlichter, 10

Northern Lights, Senja, Norway

We were about to open a bottle of Austrian red wine to celebrate my birthday. That very minute Marc stormed into our comfy apartment with the news we had longed to hear. The northern lights were in the sky, exactly on my birthday!

Even better, on my very first day of our stay on Senja! Of course I had secretly wished for this birthday present, but for it to really happen?

After hastily wrapping myself in seven layers of clothing, grabbing the tripod and the camera, I dashed up the little hill, right next to our little hotel complex. Eagerly searching the skies I saw nothing, absolutely nothing that looked like the bright green lights I had so often seen marveled at on photos. In the distance drifted bites of wafts that could have qualified as light fog.

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Khasab – The Anti-Dubai

Khasab Fort, Musandam, Sultanat of Oman, Arabic Peninsula

Khasab Fort, Musandam, Sultanat of Oman, Arabic Peninsula

The Anti-Dubai seems the perfect dubbing for this sleepy harbor town on the tip of Musandam, only a three hours drive from glittery Dubai. Khasab, right on the straight of Hormuz, was not on the tourist radar 20 years ago and could only be reached by boat. Today, it attracts three cruise ships a week and is most popular with expatriates fleeing the traffic jams and glass palaces of Dubai to enjoy the cool mountain air and tranquility. Their pit stop is the luxurious Golden Tulip Hotel on the western end of the bay. Continue Reading →