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Idlidza- Vrelo Bosne

The receptionist of my hotel asked whether I had heard of Idlidza, it was where locals would go on a sunny weekend like this. No, I had not. I looked it up: a spa town outside of Sarajevo and the place where the Bosna River merges from a rock, simply take tram Nr 3.  Seemed easy enough.

Idlidza Vrelo  Bosne

Idlidza- Vrelo Bosne

Idlidza- Vrelo Bosne




Idlidza Velo Bosne


From the tram people walked off in all directions and I was unsure of where to go. Of course went the wrong way. After lots of pointing at my guide books and gesturing locals showed me the right way.  Horse carriages waiting at the beginning of a long, long alley, they were kind of pricey and I contemplated walking.

Idlidza – long alley running into the park to the spring of the River Bosna

The alley was completely straight and I could not see the end of it, so I shared a carriage with a family. Upon arrival I  dove into in a beautiful park that seemed to breathe water. Water is everywhere and can be heard everywhere.

Idlidza – horse-drawn carriages safe a lot of walking to the center of the park

The cafés were packed with young people enjoying the first rays of spring sun. The one I picked for coffee and cake seemed a time-travel back to the days of the Austrian monarchy. The final act:  tram Nr 3 brought me safely back home. Days later I heard ugly from locals that areas of the park, especially the spring of the Bosna had been sold to Arabic investors. Those are inviting heavily in Bosnia which is still trying to get back to its feet. It brings jobs but also an influence that most Bosnians do seem to want.


Cafe in Idlidza



Insider the park Villa Austria reminds of the former Habsburg presence

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