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Moscow – Off-sights

Moscow’s metro stations are still a sight on their own. My last  to Moscow was in 1983, even back then I marveled at the beautifully decorated stations. My absolute favorite became one that is dominated by a dog chiseled in black marble. To touch its nose brings good luck. I could not believe how many Muscovites rushed by, quickly brushing over the nose that has changed color already into a dirty white. Some things even outlast Communism.

Moskau luck charm (1 von 1)

Good luck charm in Moscow’s metro station

Besides, Moscow is not resting on achievements dating backing centuries. In summer 2016 Moscow’s infrastructure was undergoing massive renovation  hinting a prosperous city.

Moscow under construction

Red Square and famous Gum are still as I remembered, except there are a lot more tourists walking all over the place. Also the long line waiting to visit the Lenin Mausoleum don’t exist anymore I was told.

Famous shopping temple Gum

A shop near the apartment attracted my attention, far away from the tourist trail. What at first sight looked like a souvenir shop was a place selling paraphernalia portraying people like Stalin, Lenin and Putin, on plates, mugs, T-shirt, fridge magnets, key-rings…

Political Paraphenialia

Taxi drivers in Russia are the cheekiest ever, every time I was without local support I paid twice or even more: Moscow Airport- to the very center of Moscow/near Kremlin: it is about 1000 rubels. Unless you use public transport, UPER is your best choice, register now. I usually take public transport to avoid this unpleasant haggling, but with my kind of luggage this time it was out of question.

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