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SOS Children’s Village in Khartoum

How we got the idea to visit the SOS children’s village? The mother of a student of mine told me about it. A quick mail to the German organization and we were all set. Kelly and I were received by the director of the village, Mr Abdel Kareem, a very charismatic, kind man and Lena the assistant of the national director.

SOS Children’s Village in Khartoum

During a long talk in his office we learned that the children, most of them born into wedlock, come from a local orphanage at a very young age. The budget of the SOS children’s village usually allows to take in 3-4 children per year. The village is a huge compound of eight houses, about 8 children stay in a house with a mother. They attend local schools, the girls can stay until the age of 23. We had brought tons coloring pens and balloons for the children, very much in demand for the many birthday parties.

Mr AbdelKareem, the director of the SOS village with one of the groups we visited


SOS Children’s Village Khartoum one of the unit





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